Friday, August 27, 2010

FREE Show at Tompkins Square Park TOMORROW

Come drink with me!

Appalachian Terror Unit - Greenwashing LP

Some good crust shit just for you. If you like this be sure to check out and support Profane Existence.

New PUNCH - Push Pull LP

PUNCH - Push Pull
This is some damn good hardcore and I suggest you give it a listen.


Design, design, designed to distrust
Design, design, designed to be lost
Designed, in blood we all sign
Grave obligations to commit unforgivable 

Eye Candy

Most artwork I don't understand and I'm no way qualified to tell if a piece is good or bad. Not that qualifications matter. I think it's just like wine, in the end all that matters is if it tastes good. Here's some stuff that I have saved that I do not know how to classify. They are VERY random. But they look rad!

Bursts of Color

These are some of my favorite paintings. Thing is, I don't know who painted them. Please comment if you know. Thank you!

Edit: It's LEONID AFREMOV! (Thank you, Tina)

A Trip Through The Mind of Mark Powell

If you enjoy these gruesome, dark displays, I highly encourage you to check out his work!